Qualicer Tile,Founded in 2006, meaning "quality tile", Qualicer Tile advocating "White space for the life" concept, the global headquarters is located in Foshan, China Ceramic Capital.Qualicer, to texture, aesthetics, function as the core, grasp the spirit of craftsmen, carving products with handed down feelings, operating brands with the ingenuity to create traditional technology and high-tech combination of the best products!

In the past 13 years, Qualicer has been continuously developing and innovating in the field of white Tiles, striving for perfection, and accurately subdividing tiles according to whiteness. In April 2017, “Qualicer Grey Series” products were officially launched, which was appraised by professionals as “the texture that can't be restored by camera, only the beauty that can be touched by hand and heart.” In 2019, we will launch the “YANYU” series of products, which will artistically present the surface color of tiles, and once again make the industry amazing!

Qualicer existing 5 major series of products, including LUX-White, White marbles series, Qualicer grey series, Wood grain series, YANYU series and so on. Qualicer is to discover the beauty of nature as a design inspiration source, through modern science and technology modification, improve the nature of the beautify elements, to achieve the product both texture, aesthetics, function of the ultimate pursuit.

Qualicer has a professional design and development team and a strong production capacity, now has all kinds of equipment and invention patents more than 80 items, access to the “National High-tech Enterprise” title. To higher than the national standard of internal control standards to ensure product quality, has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 quality and environmental management dual certification, 3C certification, European CE certification, Swiss SGS Testing certification, the United States ASTM Testing certification, the United Kingdom CERAM Detection certification, become the trust of domestic and foreign customers of cooperative enterprises.

At present, Qualicer products not only best-selling domestic market, but also exported to Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and South Korea, such as more than 120 developed countries and regions, with excellent quality and aesthetic texture of decorative effect, by many consumers and designers favor.